Sunrise in the snowy woods by Roberto Melotti via 500px.


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Shakespeare Tragedies Renamed for the Modern tumblr Teen


Titus Andronicus: "Well That Escalated Quickly"
Romeo and Juliet: "Shut Up, You’re Like 12"
Julius Caesar: "I Came Out Here to Run the Roman Empire and I Am Honestly Feeling So Attacked Right Now"
Othello: "Othello: Is my wife cheating on me?? Iago: Bitch, she might be."
King Lear: "Shows Up To Realization of Commonality with Humanity and Renouncement of Titles as Identity-Definers 15 Years Late With Starbucks"
Macbeth: "Did It For the Vine"
Antony and Cleopatra: "Much Rome. Very Egypt. Such Different. Wow."
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AR advice on the Rules of Writing:

On giving writers advice, offering “rules.” I’m asked a lot about this, and people bring great lists of rules for writers to the page all the time. What do I think? I can’t say it loud enough. There are NO RULES for all writers! And never let anyone tell you that there are. Writers are individuals; we each do it in our own way. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you’re not a “real” writer because you don’t follow their rules! I can’t tell you how much harm was done to me early in life by others judging me in that way. I was told in college I wasn’t a “real” writer because I composed on a typewriter; I was condemned later on in damn near apocalyptic terms for “not writing every day.” "Real writers" are those who become "real writers." That’s all there is to it. And again, we each do it in our own way. For me, stubbornness has been as important as any talent I might possess. I ultimately ignored the people who condemned me, ridiculed me and sought to discourage me. I laughed or cried over it in secret; and went right on writing what I wanted to write, the way I wanted to write it. I knew of no other way to become the writer of my dreams. If you want to be a writer, go for it. Critics are a dime a dozen, and people who would love to see you fail are everywhere. Just keep on going; keep doing what works for you. Keep believing in yourself.

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inktober day #12 i don’t have time to finish the one i was working on for today so here is a thing i did of my cat when i was practicing with the pens

it’s cheating i know but i started one today at least so that sort of counts ughhh

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Tom Hiddleston’s reactions while watching himself driving on Top Gear



Brand new print, now in the shop!


I live in a conservative/unfunny town, so this type of thing is almost unheard of

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Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining (1980)

poster by Cipgraph

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Take me by the hand and say, ‘Harry of England, I am thine’—

which word thou shalt no sooner bless mine ear withal, but I

will tell thee aloud, ‘England is thine, Ireland is thine, France

is thine, and Harry Plantagenet is thine’